Virus SW EXP


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Virus SW EXP

Airframe Specifications

  • MTOW 600 kgs
  • 10.71 m wingspan, tailwheel, two-seater aircraft
  • Outside surfaces in white, cabin interior composite surfaces in grey
  • Acrylic paint finish outside of aircraft
  • Cabin upholstery in blue color with padded spar cover
  • Ergonomic seats with adjustable head rest
  • 3 point “schroth” seat belts
  • Noise reducing, stainless-steel firewall
  • Dual control sticks, dual rudders
  • In-flight adjustable pedals for both pilot & co-pilot
  • 4 stage positive and negative flaperons
  • Flaperon, elevator & rudder gaps sealed
  • Spring-type internal elevator trim
  • Aluminium throttle and choke levers
  • Automatic connection of wing and tail mechanical controls
  • UV protected, tinted, scratch free Lexan windshield
  • Three-point door locking
  • High speed laminar wheel fairings
  • Fuel gasculator with drain sump
  • High altitude balancing kit
  • Fast screws on the engine covers
  • Modular electric system with fuses on primary and secondary circuit & battery disconnect switch
  • Rotax regulator-rectifier
  • 12V plug in the instrument panel
  • Large instrument panel with, master switch, avionics switch, key magneto switch, 1 switch with automatic fuse for 12 V socket, automatic fuse for EFIS and battery disconnect switch
  • Rotax toolkit
  • Puriplane surface polishing and protection kit
  • Basic spare parts kit


  • Rotax 912 UL2 80 hp, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke carburetted engine with integrated gearbox, no slipper clutch
  • Akrapovic titanium exhaust


  • 2 blade carbon fiber in-flight adjustable, variable pitch and feathering propeller for 80 HP or
  • 2 blade carbon fiber IFA variable pitch propeller for 100 HP


  • 2 x 50-litre fuel tanks in the wings
  • Visual indication of the fuel level in the cabin

Landing Gear

  • Fixed composite landing gear, main wheels 4.00 x 6, tail wheel 2.50 x 4
  • Steerable tail wheel

Air brakes

  • Available as an option


  • Available as an option


  • Available as an option

Wheels, Brakes & Tyres

  • Hydraulic disk brakes on the main wheels with pedal mounted brakes levers for both pilots

Cabin Vents – Heating

  • Cabin ventilation adjustable intake on left door
  • Sliding window on the right door
  • Cabin heating system


  • Available as an option


  • SkyView SV700 – Single Screen multifunction engine & flight instrument with all flight and engine instruments functions, (inc. EMS, OAT, MAP, F.P., GPS) fuel flow control, electronic logbook, fuel and all engine values, hour meter, clock, flight data recorder
  • Slip indicator
  • Magnetic compass


  • Available as an option


  • Available as an option


  • Available as an option


  • Available as an option


  • Comfortable cloth seats with adjustable head rest


  • Solid luggage container behind the seats


  • High capacity gel 12V battery (11Ah)

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