Virus SW EASA 121


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Virus SW EASA 121

Airframe Specifications

  • MTOW 600 kgs
  • 10.71 m wingspan, nosewheel, two-seater aircraft
  • Outside surfaces in white, cabin interior composite surfaces in grey
  • Acrylic paint finish outside of aircraft
  • Cabin upholstery in black and red combination
  • Ergonomic seats with adjustable head rest
  • 4 point “schroth” seat belts
  • Noise reducing, stainless-steel firewall
  • Dual control stick, dual rudder
  • 4 stage positive and negative flaperons
  • Wing mounted air brakes
  • Wing un-heated Dynon pitot tube with angle of attack indication and necessary wing modification
  • Flaperon, elevator & rudder gaps sealed
  • Electric elevator trim
  • Aluminium throttle and choke levers
  • In-flight adjustable pedals for both pilot & co-pilot
  • Automatic connection of wing and tail mechanical controls
  • UV protected, tinted, scratch free Lexan windshield
  • Three-point door locking
  • Doors lock system on both doors
  • Oil check door on top engine cover
  • High speed laminar all wheel fairings
  • Steerable nose wheel with shimmy damper
  • High speed laminar wheel fairings
  • Fuel gasculator with drain sump
  • Fast screws on the engine covers
  • Modular electric system with fuses on primary and secondary circuit & battery disconnect switch
  • Rotax regulator-rectifier
  • 12V power socket in the instrument panel
  • Additional 12V power socket in the instrument panel
  • Dual USB power outlet socket, left side 12V socket right side
  • Control panel with generator master switch and battery master switch, key-type ignition switch, switches with automatic fuses, warning lights, circuit breakers
  • Rotax toolkit
  • Puriplane surface polishing and protection kit
  • Basic spare parts kit

Landing Gear

  • Fixed composite landing gear, main wheels 4.00 x 6, nose wheel 3.50 x 4, aero classic tires


  • Rotax engine 912 S3 Certified 100 hp, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with integrated gearbox, with slipper clutch
  • Oil thermostat
  • Akrapovic titanium exhaust


  • 2 blade Hydraulic Constant speed propeller MTV-33-1-A/170-200 EASA certified
  • (including V3 gearbox and governor)


  • Rigid, new shape P.U. leather seats with head rest – seats color red primary, highlight color black


  • 2 x 50-litre fuel tanks in the wings
  • Visual indication of the fuel level

Air brakes

  • Yes


  • Ballistic rescue system GRS 6/600 SD Speedy


  • Night VFR pack with Wingtip NAV & Strobe lights, LED landing light


  • Solid luggage container behind the seats
  • Side door for outside baggage access


  • Dual Display Garmin G3X System with EIS include GDU 370 Displays 2 x GSU 25 ADHARS, GEA 24 EIS Interface, GTP 59 temperature probe, GMU 22 magnetometer, GDU configuration module
  • Upgrade to Garmin GNC 255 (COM/NAV-VOR including Antenna) – display on G3X – instead of GTR 225 – Mandatory in some countries for VFR-ON-TOP operations.
  • Pipistrel »Smart Dim« cockpit panel instrument for brightness control of other cockpit instruments and/or lights
  • Air speed indicator 80 mm (0-200 Kts), TSO’d
  • Altimeter diameter 80 mm (0-20.000 ft.) TSO’d
  • Slip indicator
  • Magnetic compass


  • Radio GTR 225 COM with outside antenna, 2 headsets HD-1000 and intercom


  • Transponder Funke TRT800 mode S, ADS-B out with antenna


  • Transponder GTX 328 S -mode


  • Available as an option

Wheels, Brakes &Tyres

  • Beringer main wheels with high performance disk brakes & parking brake with pedal brakes levers for both pilots

Cabin Vents Heating

  • Cabin ventilation adjustable intake on left door
  • Sliding window on both sides, vertical type
  • Forced cockpit ventilation with fresh air and strong heating system including windshield defrost


  • High performance LiFePO4 12 V 12.4 Ah battery


  • ELT Kannad 406 AF – Compact (406 MHz)

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