Taurus M LSA


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Taurus M LSA

Airframe Specifications

  • MTOW 550 kgs
  • 14.97 m wingspan, steerable tailwheel, two-seater self-launch
  • Integral inner-shell bonded to fuselage shell – safety cockpit concept
  • Acrylic paint finish outside of aircraft
  • Nose water ballast tank (decrease the minimum solo pilot weight from 78 kg to 65 kg)
  • Cabin upholstery in blue colour with large side pockets
  • Ergonomic seats with adjustable head rest
  • 3 point “schroth” seat belts
  • Mirror on instrument panel (for prop position monitoring)
  • Noise reducing firewall
  • Dual control stick, dual rudder
  • 5 stage positive and negative flaperons
  • Flaperon, elevator & rudder gaps sealed
  • Wing mounted air brakes
  • Spring-type internal elevator trim
  • In-flight adjustable pedals for both pilot & co-pilot
  • Automatic connection of wing and tail mechanical controls
  • Click-on fuel connectors at wing root
  • Transparent cockpit canopy
  • Five-point canopy fixation
  • Fuel gasculator with drain sump
  • Modular electric system with fuses on primary and secondary circuit & battery disconnect switch
  • Instrument panel (choice of matte finish or carbon fibre look)
  • Rotax regulator-rectifier (Taurus M)
  • 12V power socket in the instrument panel
  • Control panel with generator master switch and battery master switch, key-type ignition switch, switches with automatic fuses, warning lights, circuit breakers
  • Aircraft toolkit
  • Puriplane surface polishing and protection kit
  • Basic spare parts kit


  • Rotax 503 engine, dual ignition 53 hp with 2 carbs, belt drive, air cleaners etc.
  • Fully automatic engine control system
  • Electric starter
  • Rotax regulator-rectifier


  • 2 blade wooden propeller reinforced with fibreglass


  • Integrated 30 litre fuel tank in left the wing with filler neck
  • Visual inspection of the fuel level
  • Fuel gasculator with drain sump

Landing Gear

  • Retractable main landing gear
  • 4.00 x 6 main wheels with disc brakes and fairings
  • Steerable tail wheel 200 x 50

Air brakes

  • Yes


  • Available as an option


  • Available as an option

Wheels, Brakes & Tyres

  • Hydraulic disk brakes on the main wheels with pedal mounted brakes levers for both pilots
  • Steerable tail wheel

Cabin Vents

  • Sliding air vent window for pilot & co-pilot
  • Fresh air adjustable ventilation nozzles for pilot & co-pilot
  • Defogging system for canopy


  • Available as an option


  • ASI, Altimeter (0-3000 m) diameter 80 mm
  • Vario diameter 80 mm
  • Taurus M Instruments: multifunction instrument to control the engine operation and the engine retract system, engine hour meter, rpm counter, CHT, EGT, altimeter, airspeed indicator, variometer, slip indicator & magnetic compass with mount


  • Available as an option


  • Available as an option


  • Available as an option


  • Cloth covered blue seats


  • Available as an option


  • High capacity gel 12V battery

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