Electric Propulsion Systems


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Electric Propulsion Systems Specifications

40 kW electric powertrain, weight approx. 21 kg

60 kW electric powertrain, weight approx. 30 kg

Plug & Play electric propulsion system includes

  • Batteries complete with BMS, built in protections
  • High-efficiency power controller/inverter
  • System control module (communication & cockpit battery charger)
  • Advanced CANbus communication between units
  • Data logging

EPSI – The cockpit instrument

  • High-resolution sunlight readable color display and control interface. Displays all system temperatures, controls RPM/Power with automatic over-temperature protection, charge indicator, battery health overview, visual and acoustic warnings, system enable/disable, support for optional propeller positioning and automatic retraction (self-launch gliders).

Cockpit battery (not included)

  • Recommended 10Ah size necessary for system operation


A special kind of communication network which all components use for information interchange. The level of safety and functionality is greatly improved!

Technical Specifications

  • Standard battery: 10.5 kWh @ 58 Kg – Others available on request
  • Battery Management System (BMS): Integrated, high accuracy with data logging and battery failure prediction.
  • Charger: Supports all voltages 110 VAC and 240 VAC
  • Nominal battery voltage: 350 V
  • Maximum operating temperature: 70° C (max battery temp 60° C)
  • Minimum operating temperature: 5° C
  • Electric motor power: High efficiency outrunner, synchronous 3-phase PEM
  • Max RPM: 2500 RPM

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