APLHA Trainer

ALPHA Trainer – Conventional Aircraft

Encouraged by the global success of the Virus and Virus SW, Pipistrel released an aircraft specifically designed for flight training, The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer.

Several important goals were set with the ALPHA Trainer design. It had to be strong and durable, easy to fly, offer benign stall characteristics, be easy to service, offer easy access into its cockpit, and feature tricycle landing gear, good brakes, a ballistic parachute, full dual controls, a quiet cockpit, good heating and ventilation, and night VFR approved strobes and lighting. Most importantly, the ALPHA Trainer needed to be affordable to buy and economical to operate.

Fitted with the Rotax 80 hp engine, the ALPHA Trainer cruises at 108 knots. This is a higher cruise speed than past generations of general aviation two-seat trainers. Fuel consumption is only around 10–12 lph (3 gph) in cruise and 35% less during circuit training. Despite having a smaller fuel tank than the Sinus and Virus, the ALPHA Trainer still has a respectable range of around 324 NM (600 kms). The Alpha Trainer also has excellent short-field performance with a takeoff roll of only 459 ft (140m).

The Pipistrel ALPHA Trainer has been a huge success with
more than 500 aircraft already delivered.

The aircraft was further developed and customized as the basis of a special ‘Garud’ model for the Indian Armed Forces. Selected as their basic training aircraft, nearly 200 of the Garud model have been delivered.

Most ALPHA Trainers are used for flight training operations and in 2018, one of the first airframes passed 4,000 hours of operation without incident, a true testament to the design.

Please make sure to look at the price list suitable for your country registration requirements. If you aren’t sure please make contact directly with your dealer.

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