Pipistrel Aircraft Price Configurator

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Welcome to the Pipistrel USA aircraft online price configurator.

Some basic instructions to help you get started.

There are a number of ways to choose aircraft which you would like to configure.

Firstly, you can select the aircraft model directly from the top menu bar and this will open the individual price configurator for that model.

Alternatively, if you are not sure which aircraft will exactly suit your needs then choose from the menubar below and select from aircraft that are used for flight training, aircraft that are used for cruising, gliding, electric etc. Using the different configurators will allow you to find the model that suit your exact requirements.

When you select the aircraft the configurator will open as shown below.

In the left-hand column it shows the selected model and the specifications of the aircraft in standard configuration as supplied by the factory.

In the right-hand column are user selectable options that apply to this model and these can be selected to add to the base configuration building an order to your exact requirements.

Pipistrel aircraft Prices screenshot of configuration page 1

At the bottom of the page is displayed the base aircraft price as supplied by the factory as well as the price of your selected additional items. These are added for your convenience and please note the price is in Euro currency.

Pipistrel aircraft Prices screenshot of configuration page 2

There are now two options to choose from.

You can select “SAVE FOR LATER” and your order will be saved for you to come back at a later time and make additional changes or modifications.

You can select “SAVE AS PDF” and the system will save and email you a PDF copy of your order configuration. This can additionally be sent to your local dealer or the factory as you progress with your aircraft order. This PDF can become the basis of your aircraft order in the future.


Still not sure ?  Watch our video below.